Idea Builders Engineering is a well-established aviation parts distributor for several military forces in the Americas. Based on the experience acquired thru 10 years of serving the commercial regional and general aviation, Idea builders engineering is expanding  to better serve the military aviation market and has acquired several representations from the manufacturers of specialized equipment  used by the defense industry and military forces such as: satellite  communications equipment, customized tracking solutions, uniforms, backpacks, helmets, tactical gear, tactical lighting, tactical equipment batteries, cargo restrain solutions, hoist equipment, miscellaneous ground support equipment and firefighting gear and equipment, among others.

Idea Builders Engineering is also currently an approved vendor for the U.S Government and is actively participating in government procurement bids for contracts and acquisitions.


Idea Builders Engineering is committed to supply the most reliable, cost-effective military aviation materials and repair management solutions, providing 24/7 support to our customer needs, maintaining the highest quality standards of the industry.